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Miljoonien rakastamat hahmot katastrofialtis ja hyväsydäminen Bertie Wooster ja hänen monineuvoinen herrasmiespalvelijansa Jeeves ovat tuttuja sekä Wodehousen kirjoista että niistä tehdystä tv-sarjasta. Hiiop, Jeeves on tarinoiden toinen osa, ensimmäinen osa Kiitos, Jeeves ilmestyi syksyllä 2009.


Directed by Robert Young. With Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Mary Wimbush, Michael Siberry. Bertram Wilberforce "Bertie" Wooster returns home with a hangover when a valet named Jeeves rings the doorbell. He fixes Bertie his special hangover cure, and when it proves effective Jeeves is immediately engaged. Bertie has lunch with his aunt Agatha – "the nephew crusher" – at which she announces he.

Jeeves är en växande leverantör av affärssystemslösningar för medelstora företag inom tillverkning, handel och distribution. Vi är ett internationellt bolag med kontor på flera orter i Sverige och har sedan starten 1992 vuxit och har nu ca 180 anställda.

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Percy Jeeves, cricket’s ‘greatest all-rounder’ who clean Percy Jeeves, cricket’s ‘greatest all-rounder’ who clean bowled Jack Hobbs in his last game before going to war Percy Jeeves Another promising sportsman cut oin his prime was Warwickshire cricketer Percy Jeeves, who took 106 wickets in his rst full season for the county.

Jeeves is a main character in a series of comic short stories and novels by English author/humourist P.G. Wodehouse.The term “Jeeves” as a generic butler name originated with this character created by Wodehouse and is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Jeeves And Wooster — Jeeves Takes Charge (S01E01) [subtitles]Jeeves & Jericho – The Artisan Teasmiths. We are proud to be a young independent British company. Built from scratch with lots of hard work and a strong belief that a good cuppa should be an exciting and pleasurable experience. Our mission is to make fabulous whole leaf tea accessible to everyone.